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Known as a hard-working and award-winning international travel & wildlife professional photographer, Rolf Hicker has been well-published in the field for over 40 years. Rolf has travelled extensively around the world and his impressive client list which includes National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Canadian Tourism Commission, Fairmont Hotels, Holland America, BMW, Porsche, Readers Digest, to name a few.

He has a special affinity with Orcas, which was a contributing factor to why he decided to move to Northern Vancouver Island in 2004, an area he has been visiting, photographing and filming since 1984. He now shares his experience and educates people on ethical wildlife tours around the northern part of Vancouver Island, the Traditional Territories of the Kwakwaka’wakw People in British Columbia, Canada.⁠

Photography has seen tectonic changes during his career, which started out shooting slides all the way up to large format and Super 16mm film. He has been showing and live narrating his uniques visual slide/movie travel shows to large audiences throughout German-speaking countries. He was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. Rolf was involved in several video productions as well as the movie production, “The Killer Whales of Johnstone Strait.” 

In Dresden he was awarded at an international Filmfestival for “Best Nature Film”.

Rolf has a keen interest in permaculture, vermiculture and sustainable food farming at home, where he lives with his two boys Alex and Daniel and his partner Sarah. Some of the food he serves guests on his tours already comes from his garden, and the aim is that one day their small farm will create enough food for all their guests and maybe even for locals too.

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