Rolf Hicker Photography

Bald Eagle Pictures

Most of my Bald Eagle pictures were photographed within the Traditional Territories of the Kwakwaka'wakw People along the northeast coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and in Alaska.

Eagles represent many things in our culture; for some the use of an eagle represents power and dignity, while for others they mean freedom and majesty, but one thing is for sure, eagles are beautiful, regal and mysterious. They can be very hard to photograph due to them spending much of their time in the sky and the trees, but when one is captured on film, it gives us a rare close up of what an eagle truly looks like and how amazing they are.

The Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle can only be found in the United States and Canada, and these are the most easily recognized species of eagle. However, there are over 60 species in Eurasia and Africa, with about nine more in South America, and three that live in Australia. Most of the eagles photographed in this collection come from Vancouver Island in BC, Canada and Alaska.

One of the most amazing things about eagles is the way they can soar through the air on their wings and their ability to see their prey from miles away and then swoop down to take it in their talons. Watching an eagle in the wild gives one a sense of freedom that we can never have, as we cannot fly above the tree tops and spend our days floating on air. The fascination that eagles provide for humans explains why so many representations of eagles are used as symbols in our society.

Enjoy my selection of Eagle Pictures and photos.