Rolf Hicker Photography

Grizzly Bear Pictures

Most of my images of Grizzly Bear are photographed within the Traditional Territories of the Kwakwaka'wakw People along the northeast coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.⁠

"I feel incredibly fortunate to spend numerous days in Knight Inlet from April to November with Grizzly Bears. There's truly nothing quite like gathering data on various bears, tracking their movements, and observing their development over time." Here are some grizzly bear pictures from Knight Inlet for you to discover. recognizing some bears over the years?

Experience intimate, eco-conscious family and photography tours, limited to just 4 guests, as we venture into Knight Inlet for mesmerizing grizzly bear encounters.

For further details, visit Vancouver Island Photo Tours / Knight Inlet “Bear Watching & Scenery Photo Tour.”

Explore my collection of captivating grizzly bear photos, predominantly captured in Knight Inlet.