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Pictures Of Orca Whale Springer

Selection of pictures and photos of a killer whale called Springer (A73). (There are 35 photos in this photo gallery.)

In January 2002, this little whale was spotted for the first time in Puget Sound, Washington. She was an unknown calf, separated from her family group, just 18-months-old at the time. Scientists later identified her as A73, from a pod generally found in Canadian waters to the North. She was soon nicknamed "Springer".

Four months later, Springer caught a ride on a catamaran to Johnstone Strait, where a team of researchers timed her release to reunite her with the whales of A-pod. It was the first successful reunion and the most popular little-lost-whale story of the time. Her fans- scientists and public alike- kept an eye on Springer over the next few years, happy to see her welcomed into her family's pod again.

Orca whales are generally identified by the left-hand silhouette shape of their dorsal fin, though other distinct markings are sometimes recorded. In Springer's case, she has a distinct gray patch behind her dorsal fin, known as a hooked saddle patch. ...More information below photos...

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