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Photo: Animal Black Bear Cub Canada

A young black bear climbs up a tree in Ontario, Canada to protect himself from the world below.

This young black bear looks down upon the big world patiently awaiting his mother's return in Ontario, Canada. Looking at the cute face of an innocent bear cub makes anyone's heart melt. Always be on the look out, as they are not left alone for long when the mother is searching for food. A mother's protection is the best thing a young cub could have and it is particularly important to have a look from a fair distance.

The mother emerges from her den with her cub in the spring after nursing and caring for it during the winter. At this time the black bear weighs somewhere between 7 and 49 kilograms and learning to climb a tree is a whole new adventure.

A mother black bear teaches her young to climb as it is an important life skill that they need to know. For the first seventeen months of a young cub's life, the mother will care, protect and teach her cub and then send them on their way out into the wild. ... continue below the picture...

Animal Black Bear Cub Canada

Animal Black Bear Cub Canada
Photo of a young black bear in a tree in Ontario, Canada.

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Animal Black Bear Cub Canada


A black bear has a vast geographic range which spreads across Canada and throughout the most part of the United States. In recent years, the black bear seems to be seen more by humans in everyday life as construction is taking over their natural environment.

Black Bear cub in a tree, Ontario, Canada, North America.

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Animal Black Bear Cub Canada
A young black bear climbs up a tree in Ontario, Canada to protect himself from the world below.
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