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Photo: Cute Porcupine

A cute little porcupine spends his day sniffing around the green grass in Nova Scotia, Canada.

As this cute little porcupine wanders throughout the grasslands of the Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia he keeps his small ears and eyes on alert at all times for any sign of danger. Once the porcupine feels threatened, it does not seem as cute as it was and all his quills raise and spread.

The quills on a porcupine can vary in length depending on which part of the body they are on. When they are not scouting around for food, they shelter themselves in caves, rock crevices or burrows that they have created themselves. The porcupine will fend off any enemies by stamping their feet, clicking their teeth and growling or hissing while shaking their quills.

A porcupine generally eats roots, tubers, bark and fruit that has fallen from trees. Some people in the agricultural business do not find the porcupine cute at all, in fact they consider them to be a pest. A porcupine will eat cassava, potatoes and carrots and can do a tremendous amount of damage to a crop in a single evening. ... continue below the picture...

Cute Porcupine

Cute Porcupine
Photo of a cute porcupine exploring the grassy surroundings in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Besides the porcupine, you can also see reptiles, amphibians, moose, deer, beaver, black bear and many species of birds in this park. Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada is also known for its outstanding canoe routes, excellent camping and unbelievable hiking and backpacking trails.

A porcupine on a lawn in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Cute Porcupine
A cute little porcupine spends his day sniffing around the green grass in Nova Scotia, Canada.
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