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Photo: Downtown Vienna Austria Demel

Exquisite pastries and chocolate delicacies line the shelves in the Demel that is situated in the downtown core of Vienna, Austria.

The Demel in downtown Vienna, Austria is a mouth watering cafe to visit and is home to a famous chocolatier that was established back in 1786 on the Michaelerplatz. Around 1857, the Demel was given to a man by the name of Christof Demel who relocated this elegant bakery to the Kohlmarket in downtown Vienna where it still remains open to this day.

Up until 1972, the Demel was owned by family members of the Demel clan and then it was bought by a man named Udo Proksch which did not last long as he was arrested in 1989. The bank then became the new owners of the Demel until the year of 2002 when a company name Do&Co took over the ownership.

When you wander into the Demel in downtown Vienna in Austria, the shelves and counters are adorned with an unbelievable display of bakery goods which are quite pricey but when you taste one, you will understand why. There is a window inside the Demel where you can watch the chocolatiers make these magnificent creations and see how much work is required to make just one of this delicious treats. ... continue below the picture...

Downtown Vienna Austria Demel

Downtown Vienna Austria Demel
Photo of pastries and gift boxes on the shelves inside the Demel in the downtown area of Vienna, Austria in Europe.

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Downtown Vienna Austria Demel


There is a shop where you can buy gift boxes or a mix of confectionery products or try one for yourself in the cake buffet which is usually lined up with visitors waiting to get in. While waiting in the line up, you can admire the stunning decorated windows that are continuously changing to keep up with the events that happen around Vienna.

Not only do the cakes, chocolates and pastries look amazing when you enter the shop, but the interior of the Demel is spectacular as it is adorned in the Baroque style with sparkling chandeliers hanging from ceiling. Glass mirrors line the walls where pastries sit on wooden cabinets and their image and the store decor reflects in them.

When touring through the downtown streets of Vienna, Austria, be sure to take some time and rest your feet while enjoying some of the best pastries, cakes or chocolates along with a beverage that are specially made at the Demel.

Demel in downtown Vienna, Austria, Europe

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Downtown Vienna Austria Demel
Exquisite pastries and chocolate delicacies line the shelves in the Demel that is situated in the downtown core of Vienna, Austria.
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