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Photo: Northern Lights Igloo Alaska

Northern Lights dancing above an igloo on a cold winter day in northern Alaska.

Stock Photo of Northern Lights with an Igloo in Alaska. Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis are most mysterious to me. As cold as Alaska Nights can be, I never get tired taking Photos of Northern Lights. This Photo was taken in late winter in the Brooks Range north of the arctic circle in Alaska. Other great locations for Northern Lights are the Yukon, Northern British Columbia and Manitoba in Canada.

Story behind the Image:
The setting is in the Brooks Range of Alaska, approximately 350km north of the Arctic Circle.

We built the igloo over a period of two days and in order to do that I had to first find the right kind of snow to work with, and then compact it. The compacted snow was then sawed into ice bricks and laid in the form of the igloo. ... continue below the picture...

Northern Lights Igloo Alaska

Northern Lights Igloo Alaska
Photo of an igloo with dancing Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) above, Brooks Range in northe

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After construction of the igloo, the weather changed and the waiting game began! Two weeks later after staying in temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius, the lights were finally positioned just right, on a beautifully clear night.

I had to work quickly to capture the moment when the dancing veils of light became active before the cameras and film froze, and the northern lights faded.
This Image is shot on a small medium format camera, 6x4.5 cm, I was also prepared to take a 8x10 but unfortunately I had to set up the large Format camera during the day, till the lights came on the shutter was frozen.

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Northern Lights Igloo Alaska
Northern Lights dancing above an igloo on a cold winter day in northern Alaska.
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