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Photo: Orca Whale

Stock Photo of a surfing Orca Whale

Stock Photo of a surfing Orca Whale (Killer Whale). Only few people knew about this Orca Whale behavoir but through more research and also more whale watching this behavior can be seen quite often. Although this Orca Whale behavior is not research a lot up to day, it seems like that the whales are using boats to go faster from point A to B as well as to save energy.

After photographing and filming this behavior for several years I believe strongly that orcas also doing it for fun. Orcinus Orca, Orca Whale or Killer Whale belongs to the family of Dolphins - and that how they act sometimes - especially when they surf behind a boat

This picture is part of the photo album "Killer Whale Pictures" - there are more beautiful images waiting for you.

Stock Photo
Orca Whale
Stock Photo of a surfing Orca Whale
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Rolf Hicker
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orca whale -1 - Orca Whale

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