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Photo: Panorama Photo Grand Canyon National Park Clouds

One can almost see the fast weather change on this panorama photo of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA.

My Google Plus Theme #TravelPanoWednesday "forced" me again to take the time to get a new picture ready. This time it is a typical travel panorama travel photo of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

I guess Grand Canyon National Park is one of the busiest National Parks in the US. I remember once that we visited a day after christmas and we were standing for 2 hours in a traffic jam.

I believe I photographed this panorama about 15 years ago, with my Fuji 617, in the format 6x17cm and as almost all my film shots - on Fuji Velvia film. Now I scanned that pano on my Hasselblad X5 scanner.

I visited the Grand Canyon multiple times. I never stayed too long as the crowed was driving me insane. It is such a incredible tourist attractions that you are able to listen to 100 languages within 2 minutes of being on one of the viewpoints of the South Rim. The Grand Canyon is probably one of the most ... continue below the picture...

Panorama Photo Grand Canyon National Park Clouds

Panorama Photo Grand Canyon National Park Clouds
Panorama photo of a storm at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA.

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... photographed tourist attractions as well BUT put all this aside, when you finally stand on the Rim and look down you won't hear all the voices anymore.

Sure will you ask - what is special with a Grand Canyon, everybody seen it, everybody photographed it, boring, you need to discover new places...I agree BUT to me the Grand Canyon is still one of the most impressive sights I ever seen. yes I have seen a lot in the last 25 years being a professional photographer, and yes, I do have many other not so know favorites all over but the Grand Canyon makes me say "wow" every time I'm lucky enough to be there.

Today I don't even bother to bring my camera, that was still very different 15 years ago, today I just stand there and suck up the impressive landscape, little side canyons, the North Rim and of course the often extremely fast changing weather.

With this panorama picture of the Grand Canyon I also want to start a new Google Plus Theme" #AwesomeLandscapes". I did not want to pin this one down to a day. I often (always) work late and run sometimes into some pics I would love to publish, most of them are landscapes and I rather post it when I can then waiting a few days for #TravelPanoWednesday - if it fits to the same day then it is perfect, but if not I still want to contribute to the theme. Come and join me, show off your best landscapes - PLEASE really only AmazingLandscapes. I ask you to show only your best shots!

What do I remember when I look at the picture? if have been up and down in one day the grand Canyon twice, once with a heavy film-tripod with a Super 16mm camera attached to it (don't do it!!!) and once when I was really young and fit, I believe that was 1988 (urghhh).
I also crossed the grand Canyon once with a Swiss friend of mine. That was also 1988. We have done it in 2 days, I often wish we would have taken a extra day but time was tight (as always) and we needed one day extra to hitch hike back to the North Rim where we started.

Every time I have been to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, and every time when I came back up onto the South Rim I was totally done and told myself - NEVER again.

This is what I see in this panorama photo of Grand Canyon, they day before a big hike down the Canyon. The weather was unsettled but it was a most impressive day with dramatic clouds moving super fast in and out of the Canyon.

Of course, the next day it was a normal late early summer day with ca. 40 degrees celsius (105F) at Colorado River level. Coming up that canyon, sweating and swearing I was dreaming of those clouds I captured a day before.

Panoramic photograph of Grand Canyon in grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA.

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Panorama Photo Grand Canyon National Park Clouds
One can almost see the fast weather change on this panorama photo of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA.
Rolf Hicker
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