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Photo: Peterskirche Downtown Vienna Austria

Shops and tourists fill the street in downtown Vienna, Austria with the Peterskirche prominently standing at the end.

Many people roam the street in the downtown area of Vienna, Austria where there are banks, unique shops and cafes and at the end of the line stands the historic church known as the Peterskirche. The architecture that surrounds this part of downtown Vienna gives people an explicit look at some of the historic buildings that adorn Vienna.

The Peterskirche has a very long history behind it with the original church dating back to the Early Middle Ages. It was also surrounded by shops but was burnt to the ground in 1661. Promises were made by Leopold I to rebuild this church and the construction began in 1701 after Vienna was seized by the plague.

After twenty-one years, the Peterskirche was near completion and in 1733 the church was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Being the first domed building in baroque Vienna, the interior is richly decorated with gold stucco, stunning frescoes, an amazing altar and statues that pronounce class and history. ... continue below the picture...

Peterskirche Downtown Vienna Austria

Peterskirche Downtown Vienna Austria
Photo of people in the street and the Peterskirche
in the downtown core of Vienna, Austria.

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Peterskirche Downtown Vienna Austria

... The paintings and parts of the interior have deteriorated over the years but in 1998 and for the next six years, renovations were done bringing back the original colors and beauty.

As you wander along the street in downtown Vienna, Austria, the Peterskirche is not clearly visible but once you stand in front of this historic church, the view is incredible. Take time out while in Vienna, Austria and tour through the Peterskirche and see for yourself the splendid history that this church holds. A horse drawn carriage ride will also take you through the streets of downtown and your own personal driver can give you a full rundown of the Peterskirche.

Shops along a street in Vienna looking towards the Peterskirche in downtown Austria, Europe

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Peterskirche Downtown Vienna Austria
Shops and tourists fill the street in downtown Vienna, Austria with the Peterskirche prominently standing at the end.
Rolf Hicker
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